About The Site

Entertainment Junkie was created during September of 2013, after founder Callum Hofler, 13 at the time, developed a passion for film, video game, and television scoring. Despite his lack of knowledge with regard to the technical facet of composition, his enthusiasm compensated, and before long, Soundtrack Junkie was born. Directly influenced by the writing style of Jorn Tillnes, Callum wrote pieces on the latest releases in the world of scoring, and quickly amassed a small but devoted group of friends and followers. During early 2014, the site was re-vamped for the first time, and was re-titled Entertainment Junkie, so as to allow for content that concerned more than just scores and soundtracks. 

At present, Entertainment Junkie has but two contributors: Callum, and fellow scoring enthusiast Vikram Lakhanpal, who has recently joined the team.  

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