Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tron: Legacy Score Review

Better late then ever, I like to say! Daft Punk's score for the 2010 movie Tron Legacy is one that has been acclaimed by many score lovers, like myself, and as I've finally listened to it for the first time today, I saw it fit to review it!

The Tron Legacy score starts off with some fairly awesome orchestral pieces, which interested me quite a bit. I expected this entire soundtrack to be synth after synth, but the start to the score went against this completely! Daft Punk still include some awesome synth riffs in this score, but the majority of the pieces are filled to the brim with very bright and interesting orchestral music. These orchestral pieces reminded me heavily of The Dark Knight score, with the piece C.L.U almost delivering an exact replica of The Dark Knight's main theme. And whilst it did take me out of the mood, I still smiled a little. It's not a bad theme, and it's very well done!

The Tron Legacy score is expertly done, with some very quick and powerful music, and delivers to a great standard. If you can listen to this score, I urge you to!

*The Son of Flynn
*Tron Legacy (End Titles)

Junkie Score-92

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