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Dawning Promises Album Review

Title: Dawning Promise  

Composer/s: Frederik Wiedmann

Length: 48 minutes

Track Count: 20 tracks

Year of Release: 2013

Hello! Back again, this time with something a little different; a review to a trailer music album, instead of a film, game or television score. I'm a huge fan of trailer music, and after having a long hard listen to ICON's most recent album, Dawning Promises, I figured I should write a review! So here you go, a review to Dawning Promises.


If you follow trailer music, then you've probably heard of Audiomachine. They are easily my favourite trailer music brand, and their music is generally incredibly epic, powerful and battle-worthy. It is high honors when I compare this album to my favourite Audiomachine album, Existence. Dawning Promises has a lot of variety, and I think that's what most sets this apart. So many trailer music albums consistently aim for the highest of highs, in every piece. Yes, it's powerful and amazing stuff, but it can be refreshing to hear something that goes a little under. Something that mixes it up in the way of themes and tones and volume. There is not a single piece here which sounds like the previous piece that was played beforehand, and that is the sign of a good composer in Frederik Wiedmann. The guy has absolutely killed it here!  There are some more subtle riffs laying within these huge, booming brass solos which are always lovely to hear. He also manages to mix up the classic orchestral with some lovely bass guitar, and more commonly used instruments. It's this variety that drew me to this album, and has me enjoying every piece available, literally.

My favourite piece has to be Devising Dangerous Designs. Wiedmann mixes it up with contemporary instruments and booming orchestral, to create something that is in the middle of rock and grandeur. It's this mix of instruments that makes every single piece so interesting and unique. 2 pieces later, in Rewarding Radiance, he illustrates a fantastic use of vocals, and how he can go from an incredibly epic, powerful piece, to a more calm and catchy piece. It's a wonderful thing to behold, in how quickly he can change it up to something so different. 

Part of the reason I love trailer music is honestly, the lack of story to try and cover. Film scores require that you cover both the big, important moments, and the smaller, less interesting pivots in time. This can make for a score that has both ups and downs. Trailer albums consist of highly satisfying, beautiful music, and that's all there is to it. Dawning Promises very much adheres to this description, with pieces that are unrelated to each other and continue off in their own direction. This is ultimately the reason I, at no point, lost interest in the album. It was always showing and doing new things, to which I could never stop focusing on. That's the sign of a brilliant trailer album. 

Dawning Promises is a wonderful album from ICON, and something that I will surely listen to more often into the future. It's energetic, full of variety, and incredibly powerful, all very good things. I'm begging you to order this baby, for ICON really does deserve it.

1. A Legacy Uncovered*
2. A Mighty Force
3. Dawning Promises*
4. Origins Unveiled
5.The Protector Prepares*
6. Hero To The Helpless
7. The Eye Of The Oracle
8. In Shining Defiance
9. Devising Dangerous Designs*
10. Rise Of The Renegade*
11. Rewarding Radiance*
12. The Burden Of A Blessing
13. When Dusk Turns Dark
14. Quick Burning Wick
15. Fluid Commotion*
16. The Clock Strikes Rebellion
17. Over Centuries
18. Eternal Honor
19. Visions Of Grandeur*
20. Purity Shall Prevail

Junkie Score: 100
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