Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Past Spotlight-Battlefield 3 Video Game Score Review

Title: Battlefield 3

Composer/s: Johan Skugge, Jukka Rintamaki

Length: 36 minutes

Track Count: 19 tracks

Year Of Release: 2011

Hello! I'm back with another past spotlight, this time with the score for Battlefield 3. I'm checking this out solely to get myself pumped for the Battlefield 4 score, which I'm checking out in days to come. Johan Skugge and Jukka Rintamaki score this game, and neither of them I've ever heard. Am I excited to bring you this score? Not at all! So lets dive in and get it all over with!

The score is based around extremely irritating and powerful synth, which does nothing but hurt your ears. The vast majority of the pieces that lie within this score are all repetitive, one dimensional and uninteresting. It sounds as if a 5th grader could write this stuff, no music experience required! What it lacks most of all, in my opinion, is heart and depth. It doesn't tap into my emotions at any point, and it's not full of witty melodies or impressive beats. It's constantly bland and slow.

I can normally get some kind of a theme out of score, but for this score, I simply can't! I don't imagine much happening whilst this score is playing. Isn't that what music is meant to do? Show something to you, whether it be a theme or a scene or a character, without physically showing you that specific person? This score lacks all of those points.

Once a piece starts, and a beat and melody is established, it sticks for the rest of the piece. It doesn't seem to change much. There may be a small period in between where some new noise is introduced to simply break up the constant hammering of synth. But these are short and far between, and that means that you're stuck with painful beats which last for too long to bear! I can't invest in a score, get involved, enjoy it if it's continually bringing me pain!

The Battlefield 3 score is one of the worst scores I've ever heard. It's lack of variety is unbearable, it's constant heavy synth is cringe worthy and there is almost nothing worthy of value in the way of melodies. It's all just hammering music, which will induce pain upon your ears. The bottom line is avoid this score at all costs. I'm hoping for something a little better for Battlefield 4!

Solomon's Theme
The Death Of Vladimir

Individual Piece Scores:
Battlefield 3 Main Theme-52
Thunder Run-50
The Red Wire-43
Solomon's Theme-69
The Death Of Vladimir-60
Fire From The Sky-38
Kaffarov's Villa-09
Operation Metro-12
La Bourse-47
Black Gold-20
The Great Destroyer-59
Hunter's Point-40
Interrogating Blackburn-20
Battlefield 3 Dark Theme-05

Junkie Score: 37

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