Monday, 29 June 2015

THE AGE OF ADALINE Capsule Score Review

Check it out... if a modern romantic score that approaches its subject matter with complete sincerity is something you desire

Skip it... if you seek a score that is as meaty in regards to thematic material as it is charming in general aesthetic


The lyrical quality of Rob Simonsen's style strikes one as wholly appropriate for the context of The Age of Adaline; a 2015 romance feature centred around Blake Lively's titular Adaline. She is a woman who, through a miraculous natural event, is capable of never aging. Various romantic exploits add tension to this tale of drama and passion and all the good things that modern romance sorely misses. Simonsen's ethereal, quaint little score provides an aptly compelling sonic background for the visual content, and helps to flesh out the drama of the feature. On its own terms, the work is dreadfully endearing and constantly compelling. The album, fifty-eight minutes in length, is positively gorgeous, beguiling and generous, and is an easy product to get lost within. The central motif, explored chiefly within 'January 1st, 1908', is a captivating arrangement, the chord progression, whilst relatively simplistic in nature, proving dreadfully evocative in ultimate execution. Simonsen's fluctuating strings are sincere and, alongside the twinkling piano, somewhat melancholic, and it instills an underlying pain within the phrase. Despite the lack of action within the visual context, the composer never holds back on providing riveting emotional turmoil, underscoring the discoveries and mistakes made by the protagonist with complete conviction. There is no self-indulgent awareness to be found here; Simonsen approaches the work with wholehearted candour, and it bolsters the poignancy of the album ten-fold. From rousing cello swells to soothing piano melodies; trepid tremolo string passages to gorgeous woodwind arrangements, Age of Adaline rarely fails to impress. It isn't the most unique romance composition of the year, nor is its thematic material particularly inventive nor weighty, but it does possess a substantiality in terms of sheer emotional force that many of its contemporaries lack. Worthy of a look, if only for the absolutely gorgeous low-register string writing. You can purchase The Age of Adaline on Amazon or iTunes, here and here.



Additional notes about release: the iTunes purchase comes with a digital booklet.

Track Listing

1.Adaline Bowman1:51
2.At Home1:58
3.January 1st, 19083:56
4.First Resurrection2:24
5.No Scientific Explanation1:10
6.Never Speak a Word of Her Fate3:00
7.Ellis Brings Flowers2:45
8.Sunken Ship2:11
9.Another Death in the Life2:27
10.Tired of Running1:55
11.Adaline Apologizes0:56
13.William Recognizes Adaline2:48
14.He Named the Comet Della1:50
15.A Near Miss2:54
16.The Scar2:52
17.Twisted Around the Truth3:28
18.No More Running2:01
19.Second Resurrection3:40
20.Coming Back to Life1:30
21.Hospital Confessions5:15
22.To a Future with an End1:41
23.Start Again (with Faux Fix, feat. Elena Tonra)3:27
Total Album Time:58:08

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